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Keep track of your hardware and software

The office admin's life is not made any easier by complex software license agreements or the rotation of computer hardware. Keeping track of which software license is installed on which computers, working out which computers are due from repair or how many licenses of Microsoft Office you have left are tedious and thankless tasks. This is where HSTracker comes in.

HSTracker is a simple to use Mac centric asset management application that helps you keep track of hardware and software in your business and stay on top of software licensing in your organisation. It is available in three versions - Lite, Standard and Multi-user.

A Time Saver

Simplify your workflow

HSTracker deploys an intuitive user interface with flexible management and reporting of data. By making the right data available at the right time, it can save you time and spare you many searches through emails and invoices.

HSTracker keeps all your data available at a glance and connects to the Apple support site to find the latest info about your Apple hardware.

HSTracker can import Apple Remote Desktop reports for all your Apple computers. It uses predictive text and contextual menus to speed data entry.


Make a connection
  • Keep inventory of key data such as license codes, serial numbers, MAC addresses, hardware configuration and licenses
  • Automtaically import and merge Apple Remote Desktop reports
  • Predictive text entry based on previous input
  • Wake, ping and remote control computers, routers and printers directly from HSTracker
  • Find your computer model on the AppleSpecs and AppleCare sites
  • Check real-time warranty status of Apple products

Reviews & Awards

The industry
  • Apple Staff Pick
  • Macworld 4 stars
  • Filemaker UK "Killer App" award
  • "This is just what I was looking for"
  • "Takes the headache out of managing a large number of computers"
  • "HSTracker has taken the tiresome task of hardware and software management and made it pleasant"